Mindful Tarot Practice: tapping into inner wisdom

Mindfulness is the art of being present. Adopting a mindful practice allows us to be centered, and is the key to tapping into our inner wisdom when reading tarot. Let’s examine the elements of a mindful tarot reading.

Being present.

Mindful tarot readings begins with the act of being present. This means checking out from your thoughts, emotions, and events of the day, then checking into the present moment. If you are in a heightened emotional state, if you are distracted by a clouded mind, or if the events of the day have left you weary, the accuracy of your readings will suffer. To be present, notice sensory input. For example, be aware of the breath. Feel the air flow into and out of your lungs, watch your chest rise and fall, listen to its rhythmic patterns. Being present–focusing on experiences as they come in–allows you to ground yourself and generates the clarity needed to read.

Attuning to your intuition.

As you meditate, envision your inner guide. This will allow you to tune into your intuition. If you haven’t already, you can experiment with giving your inner guide a persona. Maybe your inner guide has a no-nonsense, brutally honest energy. Perhaps you are guided by a benevolent, nurturing presence. Personifying your inner guide helps especially if you are still developing your intuitive mind.

Does your inner guide resonate with the energy of a specific card? It could be that the introspective Hermit will lead the way. Or maybe you need to call upon the High Priestess to provide guidance. Using tarot to attune to your intuition is another great way of seeking inner wisdom.

Connecting to the cards.

After attuning your intuition, ask your inner guide to provide the wisdom needed for your reading. Be present as you shuffle, cut, and draw your cards. This begins the connection.

Next, look into the cards and its position. Envision you are the person in the card, faced with situation you are reading for, guided by the positional meaning. For example, envision the romantic love found within the 2 of Cups in the Celtic cross’s root cause position. What does that romantic love look like to you? Maybe you feel a sense of warmth and your heart lights up the moment you think of your partner. Maybe you feel a sense of commitment, dutifully bound to your love. At the root cause, you can determine that couple’s love serves as the foundation of the querent’s question. This is a great method for being present with the card.

Connecting to the cards in this way allows us to mindfully be within the energy of the cards we read.

Synthesizing meaning.

Mindful tarot practice allows for greater clarity when synthesizing meaning from the cards. In order to mindfully glean meaning from the cards, grab a journal and write down the thoughts and emotions that come to your mind as a stream of consciousness. As you are in the present moment, your intuition will come up with meanings for the cards. It’s important that you don’t judge what comes from within. Notice any judgments, any self doubt, or anything that could detract from the reading and let it pass through you. Bring your attention back to the moment, and let your inner wisdom flow once more.

You will find, as you continue to practice tarot mindfully, that you will intuitively read with greater clarity, and feel less drained afterwards.

Let’s end with a quick mindful exercise

Take a moment to pause and find a relaxed position. It all begins with the breath. Breathe into your heart center, and notice how it feels. As you breathe in and as you breathe out, be aware of the act of breathing. Gather your thoughts, and allow them to flow from your mind as if watching leaves flow gently down a stream. If you get caught up within your thoughts, notice it, and bring your attention back to the breath.

You can do this for as long (or as little) as you’d like. Practice and repetition will make your mindful tarot practice stronger. It opens you up to your sense of inner wisdom.

How do you incorporate mindfulness into your readings? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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