Bedtime Tarot Meditations

I often equate bedtime tarot meditation to receiving a bedtime story from my inner guide. Picture a loving parent giving their child a bed time story to help them fall asleep. Imagine the child, soothed to sleep, resting peacefully, drifting off into dreamland. Perhaps you’re like me and need to clear your mind before sleeping. I find myself at times a bit like the 6 of cups: nostalgic for those tender moments of the bed time story ritual. That’s where the bedtime tarot meditation comes in ever so handy.

As a child of this universe, I know that for me the bedtime tarot meditation has become a restful, and educational, ritual that lulls me into a gentle sleep–just like the childhood bedtime story.

A bedtime tarot meditation exercise:

Before going to bed, ask your inner guide for a bedtime story to guide your meditation. Shuffle your deck, and draw a card. Next, find a restful position, lying on your bed, and bring your attention to the breath. Once you’re centered, bring to mind the image of the tarot card you just pulled. Picture yourself either observing the events unfolding, or even as the protagonist in the card. Let your intuition guide you through the story of the card. When you’re ready, bring your attention back to the breath, slowly pulling away from the events that unfolded, and (hopefully) into a restful state.

Bedtime tarot story example:

Imagine pulling The Tower, for many this is a jarring and unsettling card (exactly why I chose it), so you take take on the role of the observer. You watch as the tower inhabitants fall, but what comes after the fall? In the fool’s journey, you’re reminded The Star is next, and this gives you faith that no matter how far the inhabitants of The Tower fall, the universe will catch them, and the healing energy of The Star will help pick up any stray pieces. 

What’s your experience with bedtime tarot meditations? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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