Open your heart with The Empress & The Hermit

The Lady and The Hermit: DruidCraft

The Hemit (IX) and The Empress (III)–perhaps an unlikely pairing–may hold the keys to our heart centers.

Channeling the introspective energies of The Hermit–the great soul searching sage–can teach us a lot about ourselves. We need only to follow his lantern as we journey within our inner realms–therein lies our inner wisdom.

Channeling the nurturing energies of The Empress can teach us the motherly nature of unconditional love and positive regard.

The heart chakra, what I often refer as the heart center, is an energy point within that radiates love, and allows us to transcend our egos. When opened, this chakra unleashes our boundless capacity for love and acceptance. When blocked, we close down, and our capacity to love ourselves and those around us is diminished.

For some, the journey within ourselves is a scary one. For those who have traumatic pasts, or otherwise injured souls, the Lady and the Hermit unlock the heart allowing us to radiate from our heart centers. Let’s explore their potential with a tarot meditation.

Heart opening meditation with The Empress & The Hermit:

For this meditation, locate the Hermit and the Empress cards from within your deck. Find a comfortable position, upright yet relaxed. Gaze upon the cards and their imagery. Think to the Hermit’s wisdom, and The Empress’s motherly love, then turn your attention within. Allow the Hermit and his lantern to illuminate the darkest reaches of your heart–but only to the extent you’re able. Use the energy of The Empress to breathe love within you, filling you with a nurturing sense of warmth, compassion, and friendliness towards yourself. If you have past hurts, take on the role of the Empress. Use this time to mother your inner child, surrounding it with love and acceptance. With the wisdom of the Hermit, know that you too have a light to navigate the way within yourself. During this process, keep breathing, imagine breathing peace in, and being flooded by a sense of tranquility. Then, when you’re ready, pull your attention back to your surroundings. Replace the cards to your deck, and take those feelings with you into your day.

You will find, over time, your capacity to open your heart chakra strengthens.

CONFESSION: It’s no accident I chose these two cards. Two of my greatest tarot teacher cards have been one of my birth cards*, The Hermit (linked to my life path number), and The Empress (linked to my destiny number). Also DruidCraft was my first deck!

Do you have a tarot teacher card? Tell me what you think in the comment section below!


*To calculate your birth cards, find your life path number: add the date of your birth, reduce down to a single digit: e.g. 10 + 31 + 1972 = 2013; 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6. Therefore, The Lovers (6) and The Devil (15 (because 1+5=6)) are your birth cards if you’re born on October 31, 1972. is a great resource for numerology, it even has a calculator that can help you find your destiny number. How cool is that?

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