Intention Setting with Tarot: how and why you should do it.

The Fountain Tarot: 2 of Cups

It’s important for us as sentient beings to set our intentions, and make them known to the universe. Tarot is a great tool that can be used for just that. I love The Fountain Tarot’s take of the Two of Cups. I feel in its imagery the couple embodies intention setting in a truly beautiful and striking way.

Intentions give you purpose, can boost your efficacy, and provide a framework by which you can manifest your desires.

Set your intentions daily, and you may find yourself living more aligned with your purpose in life.

Setting your intentions with Tarot

Tarot is great tool by which we can set our intentions. Its archetypal imagery depicts the many experiences, lessons, and themes that play out in our daily lives.

To start using tarot for your daily intention setting, grab your tarot cards, and begin reflecting on what it is you wish to achieve this day. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning, but night time just before bed is also a good time to set your intentions for the following day.

After you’ve contemplated your intentions, go through your deck and select the card that best represents what you intend for that day. As an example, perhaps you’re a job seeker, and you want to use the day in such a way that will attract job opportunities to you. You may choose the Ace of Pentacles to represent seizing such opportunity.

Intentions are optimally done in specific terms that put us in the appropriate framework:

Example, your overarching goal is to set aside $1,000 in your savings account by a certain date. Your daily intention might be something like-

Today I have the willpower to skillfully resist temptation to overspend, today I commit to spending within my means.

From this point, we can envision ourselves as the pair in the two of cups in the Fountain Tarot. If you’d like, you can envision your support person, your higher power, or your ideal self with you as you cast your will into the universe with faith, and confidence, it’ll manifest into reality.

The next step, optional but recommended, is to use your card as a significator, shuffle your remaining cards, and draw one card to represent advice or an actionable step you need in order to reach your intention.

If you like, you can finish it with a prayer or affirmation of your choosing, I usually use something like: I fill my cup, full of intention, and cast it out into the cosmos. May it manifest my will on this day.

What intentions have you set?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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