Wands: the suit of inspiration

suit of wands

This is my first post in my new tarot educational series. In each of these posts, we’ll examine the stories of the major and minor Arcana. I’ll be providing an over view of the suits, then the court cards, then the major arcana, then I’ll examine the numbers. I hope to eventually examine each card individually as well.

Today we start with an overview of the wands.


In my opinion, the theme of the wands is inspiration. We see within the wands the cycle of creativity and bringing an idea into fruition.

Let’s the start with

Ace of Wands

The ace of wands is that initial spark of creativity. It’s the idea that makes you feel all fired up! It breathes a sense of aliveness into you. It’s as if discovering what you’re truly passionate about. Like all ideas, it takes work to manifest into reality, but for now, it’s a gigantic YES! from the universe.

Two of Wands

The two of wands is the planning stages. You’ve got a world full of options on how to execute your idea. But you must make choices on how to proceed. Take time to consider your options, but don’t delay too long. It’s too easy to be paralyzed by choice, but that’s not a concern here as it is in the two of swords, because the two of wands still carries a lot of that fiery inspiration. You’re motivated to act. That brings us to…

Three of Wands

Here we see a merchant who has set his ships out to sea. In this stage of cycle of inspiration, we see a person who has begun to act upon their plans. They’ve set their intentions into the world, and have taken the initial steps into making their idea a reality.

Four of Wands

A time to celebrate the good news! Your idea has its stable foundation. Now is a time to rejoice, your efforts are beginning to pay off. There’s a sense of levity and harmony in this card. You’re feeling optimistic that you’ll be able to see the project through.

Five of Wands

Uh oh, it’s competition time. No project is without conflict. Here we encounter our first set of bumps in the road. You may even have people competing in the same arena as you. But that’s okay because…

Six of Wands

This card sees you triumphantly successful. The 6 of wands carries home the spoils of the battle fought in the 5 of wands. He’s risen to the top, and stands victorious. You are celebrated by a tribe who values the work you do.

Seven of Wands

Once you’ve reached success, you must continue to fight for your position at the top. The seven of wands shows you fending off threats to your work. No worries though, you’ve got the advantage here.

Eight of Wands

Things are gaining momentum! Your project is expanding and experiencing rapid growth. Hang on, and enjoy the ride. There’s also may a bit of uncertainty here, with events so fast in motion, it may feel as though your fate is up in the air.

Nine of Wands

At this card we see a war tested veteran who has built their defenses. You may be a bit bruised, but here you stand full of experience you’ve gained in seeing your idea through into reality.

Ten of Wands

The cycle comes to its completion and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you’ve put into it. It’s a good lesson on learning to delegate responsibility. You’ve grown weary, but that’s okay. It may be time to lay down your burden and rest for a bit.


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